Visit the Best of Seattle Recommends Infinity Incentive Group

Enjoy a trip to some of the most famous sites in Seattle.

Enjoy a trip to some of the most famous sites in Seattle.

On your next trip to Washington, be sure to spend some time enjoying Seattle. No other destination in the word offers you such a diverse mix of vibrant attractions that satisfies all interests. Infinity Incentive Group knows that there sure is no end to the fun and enjoyment that you can have in the city of Seattle, from the magnificent view from the observatory deck of the Space Needle to the thrills of the Orca’s in the bay.

You can begin exploring Seattle from the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, which gives you the inside story and great information on the state of Washington. You also get the chance to check out the state of the art exhibits, which vary from subjects such as fossils to state wildlife.

Nature-loving tourists should try many of the amazing activities offered at Puget Sound. Tourists can breathe in the refreshing, clean marine air while watching whales and enjoying extraordinary experiences at the great zoos that give you the insight to the behavioral patterns of all the wildlife living in its natural habitat.

Visitors can also enjoy both land and sea wonders by spending a day exploring Seattle’s famous Aquariums or enjoy an exciting tour of the city. The Seattle Aquarium offers you many interactive activities that really end up becoming great learning experiences for children and adults. Children will love to visit and enjoy the playful otters and tour the other award winning exhibits and meet the creatures that live there. Another hot spot is the Life on the Edge exhibits, where tourists get to enjoy Washington’s outer coast and Seattle’s inland seas. A tour of the Underground City of Seattle is a must for tourists who want to enjoy the past and present of Seattle, the tour takes about one hour. Infinity Incentive Group wants to make sure that you enjoy a trip to Seattle soon.

Road Trip Must Haves Revealed By Infinity Incentive Group

Heading out on Road Trips with your Family is Always Fun

Heading out on Road Trips with your Family is Always Fun

Road trips can be a great experience when you are traveling, and in the fall, taking a drive to a great spot can be an amazing. Additionally, driving to your destination can offer some freedom that other methods of travel do not allow, and you can take stops to enjoy unique experiences as you go along. On your next road trip, try these tips from Infinity Incentive Group.

Pick your play list: No road trip is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Before you go on your trip, make a play list of some of your favorite tunes to sing along to and put you in the travel mood. If you are planning on traveling with a group, let all the travelers offer their input for a fun mix of tunes.

Stop frequently: When you are on a road trip, you want to make sure that you stop to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Infinity Incentive Group knows that this is one of the best parts of any road trip. Make sure to stop to see sites along the way, try out small shops and restaurants, and stretching your legs in the beauty of the open air.

Play some road games: Games are a must for family road trips, but even adults can enjoy the fun. Bring along some games like bingo that look for specific sights along the road, or play a game of name that tune. This is the perfect way to pass the time while on long stretches of highway and involve the group as they travel together.

Infinity Incentive Group Invites You To Explore Winnipeg

Enjoy shopping, sightseeing and more in Winnipeg this year

Enjoy shopping, sightseeing and more in Winnipeg this year

Winnipeg is ready to engage the wandering tourist with the Winnipeg Walkway, which is the elevated Skywalk that links the topnotch attractions of the area like City place, Portage Place Mall and MTS Centre. The most important thing about Winnipeg is that it has a thriving film Industry that even supports Hollywood productions. These aspects and many more are what Infinity Incentive Group knows will make a trip to Winnipeg one that is memorable and exciting.

A visit to the Living Prairie Museum in Winnipeg is a great choice; it is one of the remaining reserves of the ecosystem and showcases the Prairies wildlife. Tourist visiting Winnipeg find it breathtakingly beautiful all year round as there are plenty of adventurous activities to enjoy both during the summer and winter months. The guests are awe struck when they see the Assiniboine and Red River turn into an Ice Skating Rink during the cold wintry months and even enjoy the thrilling Toboggan Slide.

Visit Winnipeg’s Royal Canadian Mint which produces Canadian coins for the whole country. Tourists traveling with children with them should certainly visit the Assiniboine Zoo, which includes a Special Petting Area for children so that the young kids get a chance to interact with the animals in the zoo A Trip to the Discovery Centre and the Education Indoor Area turns out to be an educational fun trip for the young minds.

If you are interested in shopping in Winnipeg, Infinity Incentive Group knows that its is a great spot for spending some cash. There are many Box Big stores from where you can get the best quality and priced gifts to take back home as souvenirs for your loved ones. The Malls offer you the world of treasures to take back home and are a must see attraction with its innumerable shops, delicious food court and state of the art entrainment facilities. Winnipeg is a great spot for your next adventure.

Tips for Taking Cruises Revealed by Infinity Incentive Group

Make your next cruise getaway one to remember.

Make your next cruise getaway one to remember.

Infinity Incentive Group knows that taking a cruise is a popular way to visit several destinations in the same, week-long vacation. Because these cruises can give access to many different islands off the coast of the United States, or to many destinations all over the world. A Cruise is an ideal way for the avid beach fans to visit exotic locations while staying in comfort.Additionally these large ships tat offers unlimited dining options, entertainment, and access to pools and water slides. Before you go, here are some tips that will make your cruise a bit easier, and a lot more exciting.

  1. Remember that some drinks on the cruise aren’t free: Though the food is paid for in the price of the ticket, some drinks, especially alcohol, are not included in the bill. Remember this before you consider ordering a round of cocktails at dinner, or else you might end up paying more than planned.
  2. Take advantage of the dinners: Infinity Incentive Group knows that in many cases there are five-star quality meals that are included with the admission onto the cruise, which make for a delicious and perfect way to end the night. It’s the perfect way to wind down, talk about the day everyone had on the island, and enjoy high quality food while gazing at the sunset along the coast.
  3. Don’t forget the sunscreen: Though cruises will most often have shops that offer it to their guests, it’s much cheaper to bring it from home. Though you’d think most of the time on the cruise would be spent inside, you spend much more time out on the islands and out on the deck by the pool. Make sure that you protect yourself so that you can enjoy the sunshine.

Infinity Incentive Group Visits the Carnival of Illusion in Phoenix, AZ

Infinity Incentive Group invites you to Phoenix

Try Phoenix when you are looking for a great travel destination.

Infinity Incentive Group knows that one of the top ways people determine where to head to on their next vacation is by finding a destination that offers a lot of variety. Not only is it important to have different landmarks and scenery that travelers will enjoy, it’s also important than area has many opportunities for entertainment.

For all those who love the fall season, many are aware that one of the nation’s favorite holidays in quickly approaching. And there is no perfect more perfect way to capture the excitement of Halloween than some intriguing magic tricks at one famous venue in the valley.

The Carnival of Illusion is a show of intrigue, curiosity and danger. Rolan Sarlot and Susan Eyed put on quite the show for visitors to enjoy, and the two hosts just happen to be married and have been performing with each other for years. Not only is this attraction top-rated, these two magicians have received honors and awards even on a national level for their excellence in magic.

The Carnival of Illusion truly is an evening of Old-World, vaudeville inspired fun, and audience members will be stunned by the variety of

Infinity Incentive Group believes that for any traveler, Phoenix offers some of the most interesting sights to see and spend time at. Each and every member of the family will surely be pleased after visiting Arizona during the fall travel season.

Tips for Las Vegas Travel from Infinity Incentive Group

Infinity Incentive Group offers tips for a Vegas vacation

You can enjoy your next trip to Las Vegas with these tips!

Las Vegas is a great destination for a number of reasons. It offer travelers a chance to see amazing shows, try thrilling activities and rides, and even just spend some time walking up and down the amazing Las Vegas Strip. Infinity Incentive Group know that Las Vegas is a great spot for travelers of all ages and that any vacation to Las Vegas is one that is sure to thrill. To ensure great travel to Vegas this year, here are some great tips to keep in mind.

  1. Bring walking shoes: There is a lot to see in Las Vegas, and most of it is within walking distance form each other. The easy access to amazing sports is a great thing, but you want to make sure that you are prepared for a lot of walking, make sure that you have shoes that are supportive and will not hurt you after a few minutes of walking around. The last thing that you want is to have your trip derailed by aching feet.
  2. Be ready for the sun: Nevada is a desert, and that means that you need to be ready for the sun. Make sure that if you are going to be out and about enjoying the strip that you wear protective clothing and sunscreen. Infinity Incentive Group knows that it is important to keep yourself sun safe while in Las Vegas.
  3. Do some research: Many people do not realize just how much there is to do in Las Vegas for travelers of any age. That is why it is important to do some research in advance to see what events are going on, who they are appropriate for, and when they will be happening. Doing some research may even help you run into some travel deals!

Infinity Incentive Group Reviews Entertainment and Theater in Vancouver Island

Infinity Incentive Group invites travelers to enjoy the fun available at Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a beautiful spot that offers amazing activities and entertainment

Whether traveling solo, as a couple, with family, or simply with a group of friends or coworkers, Infinity Incentive Group believes all types of people seem to find entertainment at the variety of attractions in Vancouver Island and the surrounding BC area.

Depending on where you are visiting within the country, Infinity Incentive Group states that there are a lot of interesting things to do. For example, September marks the start of the local theater season, and a diverse range of programming includes performances of all kinds. Whether plays, dance, or music are what you are looking to see, there is something available for any audience to enjoy.

One of the most popular venues in the area is Chemainus Theatre, which is located in the city of the same name. Home to a professional regional theatre company, they stage a variety of different programming including classical, musical, contemporary and even children’s productions throughout the year.

Port Theatre, located in nearby Nanaimo, also is home to a broad range of events. During September, comedy legends like Steve-O and Dan Quinn will be appearing, along with other performers throughout the month. This theater is unique because it is also home to popular art exhibits, comedy acts, and concerts. Visitors will enjoy works from both local and international artists whether in photography, paintings or other mediums.

Getting Ready for a Cross Country Road Trip with Infinity Incentive Group

Infinity Incentive Group knows that one of the last steps you have to tackle before leaving for your vacation is the dreaded packing. Whether you’re figuring out how to maximize luggage room to avoid a fee at an airport or save yourself some room in the car, the concept of “less is more” is always a challenge for everyone.

Often times we want to look our best on vacation, so we find ourselves packing multiple pairs of shoes, outfits, and accessories; however, have you ever noticed that we hardly use everything in our luggage while on a vacation?

Certainly there must be a way to minimize our packing habits yet still bring all of the things we want. If you are traveling cross-country, then this may especially prove to be difficult for you.

An airplane has that coveted cargo space that your car unfortunately does not. This is just one of the reasons why it is so difficult to take everything you need in a cross-country trip.

If you are traveling with anyone else, then it is pertinent that you discuss the issue of luggage with them before you pack. Clearly it would not be fair for one of you to cut down on your comforts while the other hoards all of the trunk space. Keep it fair for both of you – you do not want any resentment while you’re in such a small traveling space.

First and foremost, using a duffel bag as opposed to your luggage will help maximize space in your car. Those big boxy suitcases will only take up more space, whereas the duffel bag can be squeezed amongst other items.

Remember that the majority of the time you will be traveling in the car, so there is not much of a need for those fashionable outfits. Infinity Incentive Group says to pack comfortable clothing and shoes, and remember that you do not need a new sweater for every single day.

How to Plan for a Cross Country Trip, Shared by Infinity Incentive Group

Infinity Incentive Group says that too often we associate a vacation with having to travel far from home to some new, exotic location. However, a good old fashion family road trip makes for a perfect vacation. While it isn’t exactly for everybody, traveling cross-country via car can certainly make for a wonderful trip.

Make no assumptions; traveling cross-country is by no means easier or less complicated than traveling by airplane. Going on a road trip cross country takes meticulous attention to detail and a lot of planning to make sure that everything works out well.

Set realistic expectations for your trip, and begin planning by asking yourself what type of travel experience you are looking to have. Are you traveling alone, with a friend, significant other, or the family? Certainly travel with all of these different people in your life will vary greatly – you may want a more romantic, slower vacation with a significant other while the family may need more amusement parks and entertainment.

Discuss expectations with your traveling partners – what would they like out of this vacation? The key to a successful road trip is coordinating and attempting to please everyone’s desires. If your friend wants to stop at places along the way but you want a diligent schedule, then you need to accommodate one another. Infinity Incentive Group says that perhaps you can have a rough timeline for everyday, with time built in for spontaneous exploration.

Infinity Incentive Group Shares How to Prepare For a Road Trip

Infinity Incentive Group shares that traveling across the country sounds like an arduous task, but it can be fun when you prepare for it properly. If you create an itinerary and allocate your time wisely everyday, then cross-country road trips can offer you some extraordinary sights that you would certainly miss if you traveled via plane.

Cross-country road trips also offer you a chance to bond with your traveling buddy, regardless of who it is. Whole families, friends, significant others – you will undoubtedly become closer with whomever you travel, as you are inarguably in the tightest of quarters.

Since you are traveling in such a small space, it is imperative that you remember to take care of a few things in regards to your vehicle. Whether you are taking your own or renting a car, there are some things you can do to help make it more comfortable.

You can make the car feel cozy and comfortable when bringing some essential things. Some of these items include pillows, blankets, audio books, music, an ice cooler, and snacks. All of these comforts that we enjoy can be carefully tucked away in the car within easy reach for anyone. Bringing these various items in the car with you will help everyone stay satisfied.

Be sure to bring hand wipes, sanitizer, and garbage bags, and keep them all in the same spot. Infinity Incentive Group says that you should make sure everyone knows which bag is for garbage, and be sure to empty this bag every time you stop.